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  • Coinbase vs GDAX in Buy Orders

    A Single Company With Two Platforms - Coinbase and GDAX

    Coinbase and GDAX maintain their own separate websites but are connected to each other and owned by the same company.

    Although it’s known that Coinbase is geared towards cryptocurrency beginners while GDAX targets more experienced traders, it is worth trying GDAX to enjoy many other benefits as I will explain them below.

    GDAX is a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin with various order types.

    Coinbase also seems to provide its unique features like Vaults and Recurring Buys that are not available in GDAX.

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  • Learn Jekyll

    Some useful links:

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CoinDCA Trader
  • Cryptocurrency-trading platform using the DCA(Dollar-Cost-Average) investment method

CoinDCA Trader is a trading platform that makes it possible for you to set up your own recurring buys of coins based on Dollar-cost-average method.

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  • Make it easy to scale TMX assets in Tiled-based game development!

WBTMXTool is a tool that makes it easy to scale TMX assets between HD and SD. It has been created by WasabiBit and made available publicly for free to be used as a useful tool for game developers.

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A software solution provider located in San Francisco Bay Area, which is interested in various technical areas including block-chain technologies, trading platform development and/or mobile games development.

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