CoinDCA Trader is a trading platform that makes it possible for you to set up your own recurring buys based on Dollar-cost-average method.

A Story - Background

When it comes to finding a way to invest in bitcoin slowly over time by scheduling buys on a regular basis ie. daily, weekly or monthly, you may come across Coinbase’s feature called Recurring Buys.

It might be a good way for some people or cryptocurrency beginners to use Coinbase’s Recurring Buy feature to invest in coins over time steadily. However, the recurring transaction is executed within Coinbase, which is known to charge high fees for buy orders.

On the other hand, GDAX, Coinbase’s full-fledged exchange platform, provies a better fee structure - ie. no fee for a limit order and a small fee(about 0.25% for BTC/USD) for a market order.

Please refer to my other post below if you are curious about the difference between Coinbase and GDAX. Coinbase vs GDAX in Buy Orders

Interestingly, what’s lacking in GDAX is the recurring capability that is available in Coinbase. It looks evident that one platform has a shortcoming over the other - ie. a high fee structure in Coinbase vs no support of recurring transaction in GDAX.

Although the two platforms are connected to each other and owned by the same company, it looks like there’s no way to combine an advantage over the other - Coinbase’s recurring buy feature with GDAX’s fee schedule.

This is the area where my product CoinDCA Trader comes in and hopes to satisfy the needs.

Please stay tuned for the release of this product!

Please leave a comment if you have recommendations or features you’d like me to include in the product. I can definitely look into the requests and may schedule to include them if possible in the next development pipeline.



Who gets benefits

Those of people who might get benefits by using this tool:

  • Are you a believer that the prices of the leading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and/or Ethereum will be higher eventually in the long run than they are now today?
  • Have you ever looked for a product which can invest a fixed amount of money on a regular basis, also known as Dollar Cost Average, by a program in your own computer on behalf of you?
  • Have you every looked for a product with more sophisticated orchestration of transactions including a bank transfer via ACH on a regular basis and purchase of coins with either Limit or Market order following its own preset schedule?

Phase-1 Features

  • To invest in all coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin (FYI. Coinbase supports recurring buys only for Bitcoin as of now in Nov 2017. Maybe this can change.)
  • To schedule execution of limit orders or market orders on a regular basis, ie. daily, weekly or monthly
  • To execute limit orders at a specified point and move the orders with a given rule (no fee)
  • To execute market orders fast (a small fee: about 0.25% of trading amount)
  • To schedule deposits via ACH bank transfer on a regular basis
  • To have the tool do all above automatically on behalf of you
  • To execute all transactions in a secure and encrypted manner using HTTPS, AES-256 and SHA-256/512
  • To run on your computer without any personal data leaving your computer
  • To run regardless of your operating systems

How CoinDCA Trader works

How to Run


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History of Changes

Version Released Changes
1.0-RC0 12/8/2017 a tentative beta release